Book an appointment with the CV Nurse

The CV Nurse offers two ways of helping you turn your CV into a great asset:

For only £20

For only £20, the CV Nurse will review your CV and the job opportunity you are chasing and suggest amendments to your CV to make it better targetted and more likely to grab the eye of an experienced recruiter. Just send her your CV (preferably in Word format) and she'll send it back to you with notes and suggested changes. If you're not satisfied, she'll give you a refund.

I'd like the CV Nurse to review my CV

For £50

For £50, the CV Nurse will talk to you over the phone or on Skype for half an hour or so, to tease out the best of your experience and then update your CV to better reflect you and your skills. Email her now to book an appointment.

I'd like book an appointment with the CV Nurse