CV writing guide from the CV Nurse herself

After years of sifting through CVs from hundreds and thousands of applicants, the CV Nurse has picked up loads of tips and tricks that will help you make your CV stand out from the crowd, here's a free sample:

Tip number 1: Focus on achievements

It sounds obvious, but list your achievements. Clearly state measurable achievements such as projects completed, number of staff managed, promotions gained, size of budget managed etc. Use numbers to back up your facts, for example: Successfully delivered new sales platform project, managing a team of ten people and a budget of £500k.

Tip number 2: Make it relevant

Don't just write a single CV and send it to every job opportunity you're chasing. Instead take time to tailor the CV to fit the role you're applying for. Study the job description and edit your CV so it becomes clear how your experience matches the employer's requirements.

Tip number 3: Size isn't everything

Many CV sites advise CVs be kept to no more than two pages, and brevity is an important element for your CVs. However, many employers prefer that a CV extend to 3 pages (or more) as long as the content is relevant to the role and the font size and layout help the poor strained recruiter's eyes.

Tip number 4: Tell the truth

Most companies will check the facts on your CV through the interview process and from your referees, being found to have lied is embarrassing during interview; devastating if an offer is rescinded. Make sure everything you say on your CV can be supported by you during interview and by your referees.

Tip number 5: Look after the small details

Once you've drafted your CV, focus on making sure the tiny details are attended to. Spellcheck it (but don't rely on spellcheck software, thoroughly proofread as well). Make sure the information is presented clearly and the format is easy to read. Failing to attend to the small details can see your CV discarded before an interview.